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Version: 0.3+6df89f2 updated

Summary: The basis of the user script includes the function of reading the configuration; with this script, the user can ignore the configuration-related code; directly define the function;

Copyright: 2020, kerwin612 (

License: MIT

// Source code can be found at
// @require
// @grant   GM_getValue

//The default configuration, if there are configuration items, the configuration will be defined in the following format
config.configKey = configVal

//Method template, define the method in the following format
    //startup: url匹配上时就会执行的方法,无须返回值,仅执行一次 / The method that will be executed when the url matches, no return value, only executed once
    (ctx) => {
    //ready: url匹配上时就会执行的方法,返回bool类型的值,每30ms执行一次,直至此方法返回true后就不再执行 / The method that will be executed when the url matches, returns a bool type value, executed every 30ms, and no longer executes until this method returns true
    (ctx) => {
        return true;
    //run: url匹配上且以上的ready方法返回true后执行的方法,无须返回值,仅执行一次 / The method that is executed after the url matches and the ready method above returns true, no return value is required, only executed once
    (ctx) => {
    //URL匹配项,可定义多个;当URL匹配时才执行上面的方法;当URL为空或未定义时,上述方法为默认执行的方法 / Multiple URL matching items can be defined; the above method is executed when the URL matches; when the URL is empty or undefined, the above method is the default method

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