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Netgear Powerline 1200 Not Working

In some situations, Netgear Powerline 1200 is not working properly. So, we provide netgear troubleshooting steps and information that helps to resolve your problems with Netgear Powerline Adapters:
 Powerline Adapter is not detected
 Powerline Adapter is not finding other adapters
 Powerline Adapter is not working perfectly

To Troubleshoot Powerline Adapters

  1. To start with, check the status of LEDs lights of your Powerline adapters.
    • Power LED:
     Green Blinking Light indicates restart or set up the security of the adapter.
     Solid Green indicates power is ON.
     Amber indicates Power Saving Mode when your Ethernet port is not connected for more than 10 minutes.
     Off indicates there is no electrical supply or turned off Powerline utility.
    • Powerline LED:
     Solid indicates the adapter is plugged to a Powerline network.
     Blinking means the Powerline adapter is sending or receiving data
     Off means, it does not find any other suitable Powerline devices by using the same encryption key.
    • Ethernet LED:
     Solid indicates Ethernet port is linked but with no activity.
     Blinking means network traffic on the Ethernet port
     Off means no Ethernet connection

• Factory Reset: Press the Factory Reset button for one second and then release it to set back Powerline adapter to its previous default factory settings

  1. Here are some steps to identify and deal with LED status problems.
    • Power LED is amber:
     Not properly plugged Ethernet cable
     The device is turned off which is connected via Ethernet cable.
     The adapter is idle for 10 minutes
    • Powerline LED is red: Place your Powerline device to a closer location
    • Powerline LED is off:
     Make sure all your Powerline systems have used the same encryption key during the process of set network security.
     Always press the Reset button for one second on every device to set back Powerline adapter to its default factory settings
    • Power LED is off: You have to supply power to the electrical outlet and your Powerline devices are not connected with a power strip, extension cord.
    • Ethernet LED is not blinking: Make sure your Ethernet cables are plugged properly into your devices.

  2. When you add up new adapters into your working and existing Powerline network, then you have to check their compatibility. So if they are suitable then you can add these new adapters successfully.

  3. We offer some more troubleshooting steps information about Netgear Powerline Adapters that are described below:
    a. Always Powerline devices plugged into a wall outlet without using an extension cord, power strips, surge protectors etc.
    b. You can connect 15 to 64 nodes which depend on your Powerline model.
    c. Powerline Devices have the device and network password. The device password is not changeable and is printed on the Powerline product label. The device password is used to make changes or access a remote Powerline adapter. It does not require network password to set up Powerline Network.
    d. It is “Plug & Play” technique so that it works without any additional setup.
    e. If you disconnect the cables or change the location of Powerline unit then it will take 5 minutes to refresh Powerline’s current status
    f. For best connectivity always use same Powerline models because software for a particular model may not be worked for another model.

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