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Ohh! April get your sexy big ass up

He climbed in the bed and started kissing me on my cheeks Calling My Name Softly

April wake up as tryout time get up

No. Leave me alone let me sleep just a little more

Not a chance we slept long enough it's 11 p.m. get that sexy black ass up I've laid out what I want you to wear put it on.

Okay I said in a nice tone this is my black sexy sheer lingerie.

I know put that on with those ho ho Heels I'll be waiting in the Cadillac Escalade hurry that ass up. I'm going to take you on a long ride.

I'm going to fix me a drink first double shot of tequila I think I'm going to need it

That's fine I already had a drink hurry up.

I' hurry up got Dressed fix my drink shotgun it and went to the caddy.

I open the door

you look nervous don't be scared you going to love it get your bubble butt in get comfortable no seatbelt let the seat recline, good girl. Are you comfortable?

Yes very comfortable but it's cold in here and can you turn that music up that's my favorite song as he turn the music up leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss putting one hand on my leg rubbing my inner thighs searching between my legs checked to see if I was wearing any panties. Stop checking!

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