wormboy / YouTube-Pin-Comments


Version: 1.2.3+1aed5c5 updated

Summary: Move comments by specific users to the top of the comments section.


License: MIT

YouTube Comment Pin

Make selected users more noticeable by pinning them to the top of the comments section.

Pin a commenter

Click the 📌 button next to the commenter you'd like to pin to the top.

Searching comments

This script will only pin comments that YouTube has requested from the server, which includes comments that are loaded as you scroll down or sort by newest/top. On mobile, you may need to expand the comment section to load more comments.

Install as a extension

This script can be installed in Google Chrome without a userscript manager:

  1. Download script
  2. Visit chrome://extensions/ and enable Developer Mode
  3. Drag the script onto the extensions page

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