smackay / Recent visits observer blacklist


Version: 2.0.2+3f83bf0 updated

Summary: Hide checklists from selected observers on the recent visits page for a region or hotspot



Copyright: 2018 Stuart MacKay (

License: MIT

This script fixes a severe form of checklist pollution. For example, there is some guy called Stuart MacKay ;) who loves Feral Pigeons. Every day he submits a checklist for every pigeon he sees. This makes the recent visits page for every site he visits and the entire region completely unusable since the list is filled with useless checklists. This script neatly solves the problem. It displays an 'x' next to each observer's name. Clicking on it hides every checklist for that person on the page.

Observer nuke

Unfortunately the change is not permanent so you will need to repeat the process every time you visit the page. The upside is that you will get a small kick of satisfaction each time you nuke all those checklists.

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