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Version: 23.04+c3c000b updated

Summary: Save plain HTML elements of selected text. Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + 1




Copyright: 2023, Schimon Jehudah (http://schimon.i2p)

License: MIT;

💾 Save HTML

Save selected contents to a private and plain HTML file.

This userscript saves the common (root) HTML element, of selected text, and all of its child elements into an HTML file.

This software is useful in cases you want a quick and smaller reference without extra resources.


  • Instant save (no waiting time);
  • Optimized for annotation, notes and printing;
  • Manipulatable Plain HTML. (i.e. HTML that you can manipulate as you desire);
  • Omits privacy compromising contents (forms, graphics, iframes, media, scripts and styles);
  • Strips attributes of tags;
  • Resulted filesize is as small as can be.


Tested on this page.
This is a comparison of common available ways (default behaviour):

Software Complete Page Selection
Save HTML - 14 KiB 4 KiB
Wget - 24 KiB -
Falkon 350 KiB 24 KiB -
Writer (ODT) - 33 KiB 32 KiB
SingleFile 600 KiB - 580 KiB
Save Page WE 1.3 MiB - -


This script was written because of the following reasons:

  • Some save-page extensions are not available to Falkon Web Browser.
  • The maintained save-page extensions are designed to save large portions of a webpage in order to make an authentic copy, hence unnecessary data (e.g. css, fonts, images etc.) is pulled, and may cause to a resulted file of 500KB sized up to 5MB sized and above.
  • FocusWriter Word Processor ignores hyperlinks, hence copy and paste task has to be made in a meticulous manner, which is both time consuming and might not always be accurate all the time.
  • LibreOffice takes time to load, so the copy and paste task might take between 30 to 60 seconds.
  • ODT files are often larger than an average subject HTML file.

Upcoming changes

  • Bookmarklet;
  • Omit elements with no content (e.g. <tag></tag>);
  • Multiple modes (Markdown, PDF, Screenshot);
  • Save images;
  • Save to HTMLZ.

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postmarketOS Designed for postmarketOS Linux

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