omegleuser / Omegle - Hide Other Person's Webcam Temporarily


Version: 7.7+6f1512b updated

Summary: It automatically hides the other person's webcam from the start to prevent you from seeing anything bad and you can either click a button (or resize the cover) in order to gradually display their webcam again at any time once you know it is safe. It now also organises the screen space better so the webcams appear larger. Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl instantly hides the other person's webcam, while the Down/Up arrow keys reveal or hide their webcam step by step. The ` key (which is below Esc) stops the auto reroll after the chat is finished. Also, pressing on the stranger's message hides it (and clicking it again restores it). Now also supports a bad word filter. Left and right keys change the cover's opacity.

License: MIT

Rating: 0