n3kgalm / BlueCat Address Manager Server Interface Direct Select


Version: 1+7b5c63d

Summary: Skip Server Interface Selection for Single Interface Servers in BlueCat Address Manager

Copyright: 2018, Marius Galm

License: MIT

Hi all,

if you every added more then one deployment role for a server in the Address Manager UI you'll know this:

Why do I have to select a Server Interface if the selected server only has one?
There is not downside of simply selecting it. And that is what this script does:

  • If you select a Server while adding Deployment Roles, it will check if only one interface it present and select it for you.
  • If the Server does indeed has more than one interface, it will - at least - select the first in the list (default behaviour is that no radio button is selected at all).

= Single Interface Interaction

Direct selecting interface

= Multi Interface Interaction

Selects first interface in list

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