mscarchilli / Netflix Show All


Version: 0.9.1+005f097 updated

Summary: Shows titles on Netflix Instant & Kids home page all at once without scroller.

Copyright: 2015+

License: MIT;

What does this script do?

This script will show more titles on your Netflix Instant page without the sideways scrolling. For the Kids home page it will show all titles. This eliminates the need to scroll left/right and having to wait to see everything. Now you can see more titles or everything all at once depending on which section you are in.


Fixed it so when viewing episodes it does use the left/right scrolling feature.

Netflix updated their UI to the main browsing page. I have made some changes to make it display a little bit better, but it still needs more love to make it better. If/when I have the time I'll see what I can do, but in the meantime this new release v0.5 will stand for now. The Kids home page still works like it did before so that page displays much better.

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