marcowahl / Vimeo Videos Button


Version: 0.0.1+0ff2eae updated

Summary: Add a link from a user page to the videos of that user



Copyright: 2020, marcowahl (

License: GPL-3.0-or-later;

Vimeo Videos Button not needed any more

2020 November Vimeo changed their web page design. This userscript is no longer functional and more importantly not needed any more. vimeo now offers the user's videos on the users page.

Expect this script to disappear soon. Thanks for using it.

Vimeo Videos Button embeds an additional link to each vimeo user page to visit the list of all videos of that user. Watch out for link "VIDEOS".

This is just a shortcut, just for convenience. I always missed this functionality. The functionality is simple. The link points to the url with "/videos" added to the vimeo user page url.

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