ladroop / Chaturbate Clean


Version: 3.3+f6044a2 updated

Summary: removes all add's, sub-selector on the tab's, shows video if you have no access, full screen with chat

Copyright: 2018, ladroop (

License: MIT

Clean-up chaturbate

chaturbate is an adult site so you must be 18+

The script will skip the age confirm screen.
Clean up all ad's.
Clean up profiles with floating images (can be switched on/off).
Fixes redirecting links.
Removes lock image from profile pictures.
Adds a sub-selector on the main screen (e.g. female > exhibitionist).
It will show a video player if you have no access to the room.
Real full screen with chat.
video adjust (mirror, invert, brightness, contrast, saturation and hue).

V1.4 no access room now also work in chrome, bug fix when going full screen the first time
V1.5 bug fix for full screen
V1.6 the cleaning of the profile from relative or fixed elements can be switched on/off in real time
V1.7 some minor bug fixes, no more update by script , GM should update by itself
V1.8 "new cams" added to the sub-selector
V1.9 fixed a problem when running in an iframe (now it won't run)
V2.0 Due to some strange programming by CB the browser crashed when i inserted a flash player in a no access room.
I replaced the flash player by a jpeg player (it only got no sound)
V2.1 Now you can mirror the video (if the broadcaster got it mirrored you can mirror it back so you can read texts)
V2.2 Now with full video control panel.
V2.3 Bug fix on the sub selector with transsexual cams
V2.4 Fix for external link redirection
V2.5 Video controls and full screen now also work in the non flash version as seen in chrome and opera.
Private, group and spy price visible in the profile, also if offline (as it was when you entered the room,
always check the real price if you want to spend money).
Last room topic visible in the profile if offline.
v2.6 bug fix for not showing the video control bar in html5 , license added
v2.7 Philipina cams removed (redirected to Asian cams), invitation to theater mode script added
v2.8 fixed a problem with greasemoney and firefox.
v2.9 minor bug fix
V3.0 ======> rewritten code, better script syntax, modular writing, easier to maintain <========
Visual differences v.s. v2.9:
Clean profile is now located next to the follow button, clean profile will only be there if there is something to
clean in the profile , if not then it's hidden.
Close full screen button if you're full screen.
Video controls is now a panel you can drag all over the screen and the sliders will respond immediately.

!!!!! tested with firefox + tampermonkey, firefox + greasemonkey, opera + violentmonkey. if you notice a problem please
give me some feedback and mention what configuration you use. I normally use firefox + tampermonkey but there are too
many combinations possible for me to test.!!!!!!!!!!
====!! i also appriciate positive feedback !!====

V3.1 small bugs fixed
sub selector went wrong on an all cams page.
on a big or full screen page the area next to the app panel sometimes turned black.
on a thumb page all links on the bar are visible again.
on a cam page only main and broadcast are visible and broadcast opens in a new tab.
on a broadcast page only main is visible.

V3.2 New functions
Copies the HLS link to clipboard if the video controls button is clicked.
Download link in my collection and visible model video clips.
"BACK" link above the cam that will always bring you back to the last selection page.

V3.3 Minor fixes
red or green border around the video of a banned page that shows if it's online or offline.
"back" also works from followers.
crash when executed on a theatermode page.

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