jscher2000 / oujs Forum - My Scripts Filter


Version: 0.4.1+9b26a9d updated

Summary: Hide discussions that are not on one of my scripts (23 Feb 2015f)


Copyright: 2015, Jefferson Scher

License: BSD-3-Clause

This script adds two toggle controls to the /all and /issues forum index pages so you can easily focus in on issues on your scripts and, if you like, posts on general discussion boards. This only filters the table, so you need to check subsequent pages for older discussions. If you are logged in, the script uses your current username. If you are logged out, you can specify the username you want to use by clicking the "cog" icon that should appear after the two buttons.

Old Screenshots From v0.3.0

screen shot showing the new toggle controls

screen shot showing the username entry form for offline filtering

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