jscher2000 / Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

I have used your script for 2 years and I found it very useful to me. But yesterday when I looked at my block list, I found out that it contains several thousands sites, much more than the number of sites useful to me. So I came up with an idea : the script should block all search results by default and whitelist just a certain number of sites.
Unfortunately, I don't have much knowledge in CSS for now (I'd like to learn it the future) so it's difficult to me to realize a script like that. Could you please check if a feature like that could be added to the script ? If not, could you give me a piece of advice to modify your script ? I will try to learn some CSS basis in that case.
Sorry for my bad English
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Hello, thank you for your comment. I think it's possible to change the way the first list works. Instead of:

  • Block List => notice
  • Perma-ban => invisible
  • default => show

You could:

  • Whitelist => show
  • Perma-ban => invisible
  • default => notice

Since I search for very different things all the time, that wouldn't really work for me, but if you are always searching for the same thing and really only want to see sites you trust on that topic, maybe then it would work.

I think it would be best if someone makes a copy of the script and rewrites it to work that way. It would be very complicated to have the same script work both ways. At least it seems complicated to me (I'm not a programmer).

By the way, user scripts are written in JavaScript and some things they do involve CSS. For example, by adding a class name to an element, the script can take advantage of a CSS rule that will hide that element.

So there are quite a few things to learn, and unfortunately, this script is a terrible example! The code was built up a little at a time over many years so it's hard to follow. I should take a programming class some time.

Hello, thank you for your comments.
I don't have any idea about Javascript, I thought that the script was writen in CSS.
I looked at the script and well, with 2700 lines of codes, it'll be too complicated to rewrite.
I don't think someone would be interested in my idea, maybe I'll try to learn Javascript and rewrite your script. I'll tell you when I get ready to do that.
By the way, I am somewhat a novice programmer, I have done some Python and R, but for data analysis, not really IT stuff. If you want to take a programming class, Python could be a good language to start with.
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