jscher2000 / Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

On both Google Images and DuckDuckGo Images, results from blocked domains continue to show up. The block button also doesn't appear on Images pages.

Hi swelljoe, sorry for the delay in responding.

Google image results have a Content Security Policy that blocks the script from being inserted by Violentmonkey in Firefox. It should work in Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey, or FireMonkey. I haven't had time to dig into how to modify the script to make it work in Violentmonkey.

For DuckDuckGo, I'll need to study the page layout to add support for image results.

for DuckDuckGo, this works for me (on the development console of chromium):

imagetiles = document.querySelectorAll('.tile--img')
for (i of imagetiles){
  if (i.querySelector('a').href.includes('pinterest')) {
    i.setAttribute('style', 'display: none')

I just couldn't figure out why some still evade detection and, more importantly, why my monkey script containing this code doesn't work.

Just hoping we can help each other.