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So your scripts are a bit more to examine as I'm not all that familiar with BSD licensing... so here goes...

OUJS has made a change recently to require SPDX codes for OSI approved licensing. See the announcement too.

In order to improve the appearance of your script homepages it would be appreciated if you could modify all of your affected scripts.

Some of the OSI SPDX codes are as follows:

Until this change is made you will be unable to update those affected scripts.

OUJS Staff

Welcome... further detailed analysis of your BSD and comparison indicates that you are using a BSD-3-Clause. It would seem that your "restriction" is unnecessary, from what I've read, as you can't be held liable for damages in the event that someone "includes" it on those target sites. May want to run that through the firm and OSI for sure though.

Hi Marti, the reason for the restriction was people stealing script metadata blocks on userscripts.org and replacing the script contents with FB account hijackers. Without a license violation, it wasn't obvious how to get those taken down. That kind of behavior hopefully is not occurring on this site.

Re: @jscher2000:

... script metadata blocks on userscripts.org and replacing the script contents ...

If I see that those scripts and accounts will be removed. There is also the Flag option to let us know in advance.

Well you can obviously keep the license header inside your code as is but in order to parse these we need you to utilize the SPDX code. If I may suggest create a document of your license terms as well since we link it... for quicker viewing. I'm going around and fixing the display issues manually in the metadata we collect (which is going to take a while) however this only treats display and not the fact that the server will reject script updates without a proper SPDX. Probably later this week or as early as next week @license will be required.

I did offer you on GH a moderator position for OUJS if you'll have it? Then you can see what kind of stuff gets axed here in the Graveyard. Plus you'll have twice the veto power as a normal Author/User when Flagging. :)

Oops, never mind. The left side has the info from the script; the Author Tools defaults to MIT regardless.

Re: @jscher2000:

the Author Tools defaults to MIT regardless.

Site default for copying to the clipboard. You can select any of the ones in the drop down list then copy that.

When I can do up bootstrap a little more on the source code page those may move over there instead. The source page is fixed height so there's not a whole lot of tweaking room to add any authoring tools... especially on desktops when viewport is shrunk. Tried it already and it just didn't look right... still pondering.

Anyhow thanks for the fix. :)

Re: @jscher2000:

... shows MIT despite ...

Better? Please give your script source code pages a quick view at your leisure. Still has one quirk that I don't know how to get rid of yet e.g. the thing that doesn't look right but I prefer a desktop where it never is in view. ;)

Hi Marti, I think having it right there on the script edit page is a good idea, more convenient.