jscher2000 / Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

Hi, I don't think it would be difficult to add support for Brave search.

Swisscows is giving me strange results. When I load the next page of results, it looks like the same results in a slightly scrambled order. ?? But the structure of the results looks reasonable for adding to the script.

As for timing.......

Sorry for my long absence. Lyme brain.

I can add the two sites, but no block icon shows up. What's more, Qwant no longer shows the block icon. Inbuilt ad blocking is turned off. Vivaldi browser.

Meanwhile, I am aghast to see that this site used my github email as my user name, broadcasting it for the world to see. There is no way to change the display name that I see. Could you please delete this thread?


Re: @pbpublicvivaldi.net:

Could you please delete this thread?

He can't do that. Also you completely ignored the caution warning when you signed up, which has been there since July 9, 2014, and made the mistake that you need to live with.

Your attitude is poor and I might have considered editing the DB to your other typed in recently name (Starts with "p") however there are consequences for your ignoring warnings. So the only thing you should be aghast at is your inept action.

Apologies for the interruption @jscher2000

OUJS Admin