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Warning: Gambling is never safe, Use this script at your own risk.

Split betting into sets or rounds.
Let us define the minimum bet amount as a unit.

e.g. if the goal is to win $10,000 and the minimum bet is $2, then one unit is $2.

The majority of gambling strategies involve doubling when losing, others involve doubling down on a win.

Continuing with the example above, with a bank roll of $1000, we can attempt keeping the ultimate goal of $10,000 in mind, we work towards that goal by calculating the net gain and reset our bet once we win 5 units, which is safer than trying to reach 10,000.

Betting Rules
Start bet with 1 unit.

on Lose ->
bet the same amount.

on Win ->
if our net gain is less than or equal to our round goal(5 units) -> increase our bet amount by 1 unit.
if our the goal is met -> start a new round and reset bet to 1 unit.

update V.1.1.0
auto set recommended odds, and 3 settings for bet units => [ 5, 10, 25 ]
recommended bank roll is 5000x bet unit and increases exponentially as unit size increases.

update V.1.1.2
tweak bet units

BUG FIX V1.1.4

BUG FIX + Bet Revamp V1.1.48

Update V1.2.4
Changed 20 satoshi Hi value to 30 and Bug fix where clicking 20 was setting unit value to 50

Update V1.2.5
But Unit Adjustments &

add stop loss

Works best when setting odds to 3
freedoge script is currently bugged.

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