imak1to / Google Mail - Gmail attachment on top

Looks like Gmail just updated their UI which has broken this AWESOME script you made.

Now all Gmail attachments are at the bottom again, with a new yellow warning bar added by gmail:
"Encrypted attachment warning – Be careful with this attachment. This message contains 2 encrypted attachments that can't be scanned for malicious content. Avoid downloading it unless you know the sender and are confident that this email is legitimate."

Firefox 75.0 (64-bit)
Greasemonkey 4.9 Release
Windows 10 Enterprise

Your script worked literally a few days ago. This is Sun 19 April 2020.

Thank you SO MUCH if you could update the script. Saves me tons of time, would be happy to donate, too!

Fixed itself; A few days later, Gmail with this extension is working fine. Also, I don't see the "Encrypted attachment warning" coming up.

Could have been a temporary situation at Gmail where the malware scanners were down. So, not a problem now but if easy, it might be worthwhile to have the script ready to handle that situation. If it was easy to do! :-) Thanks for a totally amazing time-saving tool. LOVE IT.