flandredaisuki / Patchouli


Version: 4.0.6+454f791 updated

Summary: An image searching/browsing tool on Pixiv

License: MIT



English - 中文


A simple Pixiv crawler. Naming is inspired from Touhou Project.


  1. First, install Tampermonkey for Chrome or Tampermonkey for Firefox or other userscript managers you like.
  2. Then, click here


  • Find pictures automatically
  • Filter by bookmarks or tags
  • Sort by bookmarks or upload time
  • Switch self-adaptive width or default width
  • The UI with i18n (en, ja, zh, zh-tw)
  • Use icon to indicate following illustrator


Demo video

  • Go and Pause to switch searching
  • Using mouse wheel to change bookmark filter, or type number
  • You can use regexp or part of tags in tag filter (ex. レミ|フラン)


Questions or suggestions, post issue :coffee:


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016-2018 FlandreDaisuki


2018-04-25 v4.0.6

  • Fix axios bug on Chrome (#15)

2018-03-17 v4.0.5

  • Main button use mouseup event (Firefox sometimes can't work on click event)
  • Add en name, description

2018-03-17 v4.0.4

  • Fix duplicate illustId in v-for

2018-03-08 v4.0.3

  • Enhence CSS style

2018-03-08 v4.0.2

  • Fixed supported page type

2018-03-07 v4.0.1

  • Fixed Korean i18n

2018-03-07 v4.0.0

2017-11-22 v3.0.4

(ignore before)

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