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Hi, I'm having a problem tags to work, I used the example like :big breast and it didn't highlighted the galerries with specified tag, do i need some kind of special perk for tag highlight to work? Name highlight works fine for me but tag does not, what I'm doing wrong?

Re: @wooshaq:
Yes, you need to have the Tag Flagging perk and "big breasts" in one of your tag flags for the example to work correctly.
The script simply checks the flags next/below each gallery and matches them against your highlight/filter keywords.

Ok, I see, it's a pitty that this perk is so expensive. Say, I came across a different script called, it's also yours from what i've seen, "E-Hentai Info on Hover". Could you try to combine the features of those two, from what I see it's possible to read tags without the perk while being on the main page, so could "Highlighter" use this information for it's use? I mean, like auto load all the tags while entering the main page using really small font not visible to the user, only to the script itself. Could you please think about it, perhaps the perk will not be needed anymore?

Re: @wooshaq:
Integrating the two of them would not be particularly complex and I already thought about it, but doing so would make the Tag Flagging perk itself completely useless for all intents and purposes, so I'd rather not go there