eskander / [Chrome/Opera] Dark Native Media Controls


Version: 0.8.1+1f1cfa0 updated

Summary: Fix the ugly white controls in native Chrome & Opera HTML5 Media Player. (pre-Chrome 67 Controls)



License: MIT

Dark Native Media Controls

If you too hate the white controls in the default Google Chrome & Opera HTML5 Video Player then you're in the right place. This script makes the controls bar dark with little transparency like how it should have been.

It doesn't make sense to install this script in browsers other than chromium-based ones.

Default HTML5 Video Player in pre-Chrome 67 Controls bar after using this script

This is an example of a HTML5 Video Player to test the changes yourself.

Update: May 29, 2018

As of Chrome 67, the design for Native Media Controls has changed. To enable the old style head over to: chrome://flags/#enable-modern-media-controls and set New Media Controls to Disabled

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