distillvideo / The Best Subtitle Downloader for youtube, ted, vimeo, dramafever and more. Auto subtitle supported.


Version: 2.1+4f1d6ed

Summary: Download subtitles or captions from Youtube, TED, Vimeo, Dramafever, Dailymotion, etc. Support mutiple languages. For Youtube, both closed captions (CC) and automatic captions (auto-generated subtitles) can be downloaded if they are available. Fast and easy to use.



Copyright: 2018, distillvideo (

License: MIT

Youtube Caption/Subtitle Dowloader Extension

This script is used to download subtitles directly from YouTube, this extension will add a download button on your youtube playing page.


Step 1: Install the Tampermonkey extension for your browser.

Step 2: Once TamperMonkey is installed successfully, install this script.

Step 3: Now whenever you are watching a video on YouTube, a "Download Subtitles" button will appear as shown in the screenshot. Click on it to download the subtitles. Both Closed Captions (CC) and Auto-generated captions are supported.

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