david1327 / DIO-TOOLS-David1327


Version: 4.27+ed83446

Summary: Version 2021. DIO-Tools + Quack is a small extension for the browser game Grepolis. (counter, displays, smilies, trade options, changes to the layout)

Copyright: 2013+, DIONY and 2019+, David1327

License: GPL-3.0-only

Dio-tools-david1327 DIO-Tools-David1327


Currently available in version david1327

DIO-Tools-David1327 (Download)

DIO-Tools is officially approved by Grepolis on (EN), (IT), (PL), (DE), (BR), (CZ), (ES), (AR). DIO-Tools is authorized on (FR), (US), (SK), (HU), (RO), (NL), (GR). DIO-Tools is currently prohibited on (None).

The functions of the script:

Almost every function can be disabled in the options.


Detailed description of functions

DIO-Tools is a small extension for the browser game Grepolis. It offers, among other things, some displays (biremes counter, unit strength,...), a smiley selection box for text input fields, trade options and some changes to the layout.

Almost each feature can be deactivated in the settings

► Smiley selection box

● Inserts a smiley selection box to the bbcode bar for text input fields (forum, messages, notes) ● Used smilies: + Special created grepolis smilies:

► Town icons

● Layout adjustment (left-aligned) of the town list ● Adds town icons automatically ● Manually choosing of the town icons is possible

► Unit strength

● Shows the strength of each attack type (blunt, sharp, distance) in several areas (unit menu, simulator, barracks,...) ● Attack and defense values can be switched in the unit menu

► Transport capacity

● Shows the transporter capacity of the available transporter in town ● Dis-/Enable big transporters by clicking on it

► Biremes counter

● Experimental, intended for siege worlds ● Counts all the biremes of each city and sums these

► Improved speed

● Shows the duration of improved speed effect in the attack/support window

► Available units box

● Shows all your available units (no units outside of origin towns)
● Selecting of town groups is possible

► Activity boxes

● Movable troops and trade activity boxes with position memory on startup

► Favor popup

● Nicer favor popup with graphics instead of text

► Trade options

● Percentage trade (towns and ww) ● Town festival marking (red) ● Recruiting trade (trade ratio of unit types) + ratio marking (green)

► World wonder

● Layout adjustment ● Share calculation (= ratio of player points to alliance points) ● Resources calculation & counter (stores amount) ● Adds missing previous & next buttons on finished world wonders (better browsing through world wonders)

► Simulator

● Layout adjustment ● Permanent display of the extended modifier box ● Unit strength for entered units

► Conquests

● Attack/support counter ● Layout changes on troop movements (3 instead of 2 rows) ● Unit strength of siege troops

► Taskbar

● Larger taskbar ● Minimized windows on startup (daily reward)

► Defense form

● Adds a button for a defense form to the bbcode bar overview (forum & messages) ● Optional settings for defense overview: detailed land units, premium, silver amount, troop movement (experimental)

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