darkred / RARBG torrent detail pages - rearrange entries and various visual tweaks


Version: 2019.5.15+b347fb9 updated

Summary: Rearranges various entries, displays in bold the various rating values, renames more suitably a few entries and uses decimal rating for the users' ratings

License: MIT

This userscript applies to RARBG torrent detail pages.
It rearranges various entries, displays in bold the various rating values, renames a few entries more suitably and use decimal rating for the users' ratings.

Screenshot comparison:

With the script:


  • The script makes use of the page's jQuery 1.11.3.
  • The Size row gets duplicated below the 'Torrent' row.
  • Regarding the Rating row: the five star rating is converted to ten star, both the stars themselves and the text value, but, if you hover the mouse over the stars to click to rate the movie, still only the first five stars are clickable, i.e. it's actually still five star rating.
  • The Runtime and PG rating rows info is appended to the end of the 'IMDb summary' row text (the 'Runtime' info is converted from: e.g. '118' to: 1h 58min).
  • The Year row becomes hidden because that info is still contained in various other rows ('Release Name', 'IMDb' link title, 'Title')
  • The VPN row (not shown in the 'initial' screenshot) becomes hidden because it's an ad.
  • Regarding the Trailer row: when using ad-blocking extensions, https://rarbgproxy.org/trailers.php is blocked by default via EasyList. So, in previous script versions the 'Trailer' row was getting hidden by the script. Since v2018.9.6.2 it's been restored (per https://greasyfork.org/en/forum/discussion/42158/x )
  • The Recommended section (in torrent listings) would link to each torrent page. Now it links to search by IMDb id (per request: https://github.com/darkred/Userscripts/issues/8) .
    Also now, in search-by-IMDb-id pages (e.g. https://rarbgproxy.org/torrents.php?imdb=tt0448115) , the IMDb in "IMDb Rating" becomes a link to relevant IMDb movie page. Also, now, below it, the IMDb plot summary is displayed (retrieved from the relevant RARBG torrent page).

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