dany-veneno / Freebitco.in - Free Roll (no captcha) - Rewards 1000% - Multiply - Lottery - Human Simulation


Version: 1.4+b640bc9 updated

Summary: OLD PROJECT. Not mantained. Auto Faucet Script made by dany-veneno in 2018 for private use, published in 2020.


License: MIT

*** Old project. *** New project at NEW PROJECT HERE

FreeBitCo.In script for auto roll - reward points 100-1000% - multiply - lottery - configurable

Automatic Roll, simulating human behavior.

It waits between 0 and 30 minutes to roll during the day, with more chances between 0 and 10 minute, simulating what a human would do, without risking loosing your account and your wallet.

The script is autonomous. You can leave it running. It goes slowly in the night, faster in the day, it will play randomly multiply game, it will buy rp, it will wait random time to Roll, and it has a nice status panel that you can view in output console.

You can also roll manually if you don't want to wait, the script will understand that
It was made in 2018 for private use. Published in 2020


-A freebitco.in account. If you don't have one you can use this referreal:https://freebitco.in/?r=20008343
-Tampermonkey, download the one for your browser.

Just install the script and, if you want more informations on running process, open the console
( on Google Chrome -> Right click -> Inspect -> Console )

If you enjoy, you can donate at this btc address: 1tzuFgvCHCkLD13ZfbsJYFT7E4QgmhMDx
Remember to use the referreal link to subscribe:https://freebitco.in/?r=20008343

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