cuzi / player


Version: 4+eb6cb15 updated

Summary: Play bandcamp music.



License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

[no longer maintained]

This program can save a playlist of bandcamp songs from different albums and play them on any page.
This program is under development, and at the moment has a very simple interface and only a limited functionality.

There are two necessary steps to add a song to the playlist:

  1. Visit the album page and click on the + next to the play button of the song (this will add the song to your "library").
  2. Open the player by clicking the symbol in the top right corner.
    In the lower view (which is your "library") click on the +.
    Now the song is enqueued and should appear in the upper view (which is your "playlist").

Start playback by pressing the play button next to a song in the upper view.


  • Album covers included
  • Link to original bandcamp page on album name
  • Search library. Example search strings: tags: rock, punk , artist: priest album: city high
  • Sorting in library
  • Fullscreen player:
  • The tags from the bandcamp pages are saved


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