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Version: 3.7+1772cb3 updated

Summary: Adds a download link next to the Create link and enables right click on photos.



Copyright: 2014, cuzi (

License: MIT

This program should run with Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey and Violent monkey

  • Version 3.7
  • Use @match
  • Version 3.6
  • Make right click work on zoomed image
  • Version 3.5
  • flickr url changed from to just
  • Version 3.4
  • Bug fix: Download current size from "all sizes" page
  • Version 3.3
  • Bug fix: Download button in "balloon"
  • Version 3.2
  • Bug fix: Should work on all pages now (without reloading the current page)
  • Version 3.1
  • small bug fix
  • Version 3
  • Fix right click for latest flickr version
  • If available the high quality version ("Original resolution") is now always used
  • Download link aditionally appears in the "balloon" if you click on the arrow in the lower right corner
  • Version 2
  • Fixes for new flickr design
  • Download button is now located to the right of the upload button

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