cl76 / Restore Google News Layout ca. 6/2010 in 2017

Does this still work for anyone?

Has no effect on Google News format for me installed with Tampermonkey

The auto-collapse of the side bar menu and first article aren't working (they keep changing the CSS selector) but the rest is working for me. You may need to refresh the page every now and then.

I now see the issue, it works with Tampermonkey in Firefox, but not with Tampermonkey on Safari.

I installed Tampermonkey on Safari to debug but couldn't figure it out. Sorry, I'm just a CSS coder.

Ok, then it's not just me having trouble customizing Google News on Safari. I used to be able to change things with userscripts on Google News and then after some Safari updates they all stopped working. I can still change the Google search page and many other sites, but not able to get anything to change on Google News anymore. Very frustrating.