camconn / Stump Script


Version: 1.0.10+490efef updated

Summary: Make the web great again!



Copyright: 2016, Cameron Conn (

License: MIT;

License: GPL-3.0

A UserScript for Nimble Navigators.

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Are you a Nimble Navigator who is sick and tired of seeing triggering things on the Internet about your beloved billionaire? Do you feel threatened by pixels saying mean things about your Toupee'd Trump? Do you envy the people around you who have support networks and communities for groupthink? Do you want to remove all dissenting opinions from your life and live inside an echo chamber?

Well, now you can with Stump Script! Just install Stump Script and we will automatically filter out any mean, cruel, harsh, naughty, or otherwise impolite words, phrases, or names for you.

Let's Make the Web Great Again!

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