benneb / InfoCompte7

Hi Benneb,

First of all, using your scripts for years. Thanks for that! It's great.

Should the infocompte7 already work on the new server? in NL we have 7.0.0-rc38.4 on our updated uni Kallisto, but i can't seem to get the plugin working. When going trough the planets to get all the data some fail, and you end up with this no matter how many times you do this. I tried cancelling all the building updates, and it seemed to work, but when reactivated the problem came back.
enter image description here
Maybe you are working on it, hope a working version is up soon. I miss it!

Keep up the great work, and thanks for everything.

Rcthans (NL)


i have already fixed infocompte for ogame 7.1 and add all new formula, ships , so you will need to wait 7.1 to have an other version.