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Hey guys,

As soon as I click on the install button only a blank page opens and nothing happens. Browsers other than Firefox return me an error message that reads http Error 403.

Does anyone have any idea how I can still install it or what I can do to fix the problem? Thanks in advance

Starting to sound like a mynah bird here but...

I've done a work-around for Chromium based browsers to hopefully properly display their messages... however you might actually want to read the drop-down on the red install button which is normally blue for "make your own decision if it is safe to install". "Red (danger) is bad m'kay".

This script, among some other scripts on the site currently, won't be served when we are in lockdown until the Author makes a required change. You as a user may follow the link as well for site status messages as documented.

Thanks for your attention,

OUJS Admin

I am sorry, I should have read it more carefully. Thanks for the quick reply!

I have an idea that can be done for Gecko browsers too but can't do it until I get back to dev station to tweak for assisting more users.

Patience is always appreciated.

OUJS Admin