Zren / Resize YT To Window Size


Version: 110+f13ea33 updated

Summary: Moves the YouTube video to the top of the website and fill the window with the video player.


Homepage: https://github.com/Zren/ResizeYoutubePlayerToWindowSize/

License: MIT; https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT


  • Use Yays! or Youtube Center to select a video resolution if you want a constant resolution.
  • Hide scrollbars with this userstyle (Chrome) | (Firefox).
  • If using Youtube Center:
    • Unchecked YT Center Settings > Player > Player Size > Enable Resize.
    • Unchecked YT Center Settings > Player > General > Scroll to Video. YT Center will scroll to the wrong location.


After loading the video webpage you will see:

It appears above the rest of the site, so you can scroll down for the description, related links, etc.

Scrollbars are hidden in the above picture with this userstyle (Chrome) | (Firefox).



78 - Jan 18, 2016

  • Fix a few errors.

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