XDHx86 / My Video


Version: 2.0+74c7f6b updated

Summary: Adds keyboard shortcuts to ANY video, Works on every site even social media though it's not recommended. You can edit the shortcuts and prevent the script from running on certain websites and webpages. It DOES NOT replace the original shortcuts.

Copyright: 2020, XDHx86 (https://openuserjs.org/users/XDHx86)

License: MIT


An easier way to view video by adding shortcuts globally and a custom UI that the user can fully customize it's properties.


  • Right click the menu to exclude website
  • Option to backup/restore settings
  • Edit any video shortcuts
  • Exclude websites, pages
  • Works on ANY video
  • Download video (doesn't work on youtube and big platforms or if the video source is blob)
  • Saves time of last stop
  • Auto resume from last stop (off by default)
  • Custom video UI
  • Auto custom video UI (off by default)
  • Editor and styler for custom UI (you can edit background colors or text colors or add new style rules)


  • Pause\Play: K
  • Stop: O
  • Volume Up: Arrow Up
  • Volume Down: Arrow Down
  • Mute: M
  • Short Skip Forward: . (Period)
  • Short Skip Backward: , (Comma)
  • Long Skip Forward: L
  • Long Skip Backward: J
  • Increase Playback Rate: Y
  • Decrease Playback Rate: T
  • Reset Playback Rate: R
  • Fullscreen: F
  • UI Fullscreen: I
  • Download: D
  • Play in Picture Mode: P
  • Loop Video: H
  • Custom UI: Z



  • Please see note 2.
  • Bug fixes
  • Added new feature (Custom UI)
  • Styler for custom UI
  • Added new shortcuts (Loop, Custom UI & UI Fullscreen) (See note 3)


  • Disabled by default for these sites: Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify
  • Please delete the value 'firstload' from the storage tab in the script's tampermonkey settings if you're updating to v2.0.
  • UI Fullscreen: Unlike fullscreen shortcut where it fullscreens the video without the UI, this shows the UI with it whatever the UI is. Thanks to Zaydene for feedback!

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