VcSaJen / Sluggy Freelance - give back navigation buttons!


Version: 1.0+04fb3e1

Summary: Returns navigation buttons for Sluggy Freelance web comic. And calendar widget. And subchapter navigation list.


Copyright: 2018, VcSaJen

License: MIT

Returns navigation buttons to / Combines the look from 2005 and 2016.


  • View individual comic page in one page
  • First, prev., next, last buttons
  • Subchapter navigation list box (also allows navigation to chapters in book and to current book). Just click Go.
  • Calendar widget. With partial and complete mode. Click to load dates completely.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: click left/right arrow keys to go to previous/next page
  • Comic change dynamically. Supports everything: comic page, comic description, chapter title, page's background, books' backgrounds.
  • "Hard" URL in browser address bar, supports browser back/forward buttons, browser history shows visited comics

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