Sauvegarde / Anything Not Saved


Version: 5.2+8fe7b94 updated

Summary: Save every picture you like in one click.


Copyright: 2017, Sauvegarde (

License: MIT

Anything Not Saved creates a Save as button for artworks in compatible websites. This button queries the full size image (if applicable), then open the corresponding prompt window for you to "save it as" in one click. A Windows-compliant filename is automatically generated using the artist - artwork format. Forbidden characters are replaced (typically: : => -) or stripped.

If the button creation fails, it will fallback to a text node with the proper name (pre-highlighted so it can be easily copied).

Requisite permissions:

  • GM_xmlhttpRequest to get the file extension (with a head request) when the website uses a CDN.
  • GM_download to make the "Save as" button work.

Supported websites, as of 2021-05-01:

  • DeviantArt: DeviantArt
  • FurAffinity: FurAffinity
  • Hentai-Foundry: Hentai-Foundry
  • InkBunny: Inkbunny
  • Eka's portal: Aryion
  • Weasyl: Weasyl

This script is developed and tested with the plugin TamperMonkey on Firefox.

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