Ryunigia / YouTube Adfriend


Version: 0.781+cbdaddf updated

Summary: Gain control/personalize your advertisement experience on YouTube.


Homepage: http://glennmoreels.eu/

License: MIT

Adfriend is a script who is mainly for people who wish to support their favorite YouTubers without having their ears blown off by purposely amp'ed up sound from the advertisement. The goal is to basically have to user customize his advertisement experience to how he feels it to be balanced.

Latest updates:

  • v0.771: during watching of watchlist, the automatic video and banner skip start skipping instantly after 1 video. (Got a fix for the video not the banner v0.772)
  • v0.773: Fixed gui bug for the new (slightly uglier) layout of youtube
  • v0.774: Updated to work with the new Youtube layout (controls are now below video title & views)
  • v0.775: Fixed a bug where multiple ui's would be loaded in the new youtube ui(2017Q4) and made the script work in the old ui at the same time~ (since the new one lags to much for me.. x)
  • v0.776: Quick fix for banner ads causing infinite loop in the old ui because for some reason clicking x (which is what the script does) no longer closes, but hides the advertisement..
  • v0.777: Seeing as i stopped using sub&noblock and it was causing issue's for several people it is now "soft" removed from the script, the code is still there for those who are interested but it will no longer do anything unless uncommented. (it's probably broken atm though, since youtube changes their keywords every other week or so)
  • v0.778: Fixed an issue where the banner add did not close correctly after timeout.. it still can't close it but now the add is hidden and is forced to be 0% opacity.
  • v0.780: Fixed a temporarily problem where sometimes youtube just changes some key words.. but they were reverted before this was released. At least this version now has extra code in there to add some extra security. Additionally the script should support double advertisements however since they have also vanished.. i can't tell if it works. >.<
  • v0.781: Advertisement sound fix, the sound is now relative to the volume slider instead of the actual video volume.

Currently does:

  • Greatly decreases advertisement sound. (control added in v0.75)
  • Automatically clicks the "skip ad" button after a time that you can specify under the movie title.(control added in v0.60)
  • Banner ads are forced to be transparent. (atm its 30% - 40%) (control added in v0.75)
  • Ads "&noblock" to the end of subscribed channels which means you can add this type of filter:"@@||youtube.com/*noblock^$document" (without "")to adblock plus to automatically turn off adblock if you only want ads to show up for subscribed channels. (control added in v0.77)
  • v0.70: Automatically clicks banner ads after 15 seconds (control added in v0.75)


  • unclickeable ads are not detected atm, so sound is not reduced.(these ads have been quite rare for me so its hard to test code on them) fixed in v0.71
  • UI doesn't show up in non-subscribed video's fixed in v0.77
  • v0.77: movie skip and banner skip value sometimes change (mostly to 0) on their own. (should be fixed in v0.771)
  • &noblock no longer works in the old ui, not sure if that's an issue for someone (it should work in the newer ui - 2017Q4)
  • Sounds does stays lower after add is finished when there are 2 or more ads played in a row on a single video.. also 2nd add does not get clicked (wip)
  • Banner adv no longer transparent (will be fixed in next patch)
  • Youtube changes adv sounds (usually lowers them, themselves now) causing the volume lowering to bug out and remember the wrong volume. Looks like youtube is finally trying to fix the loud ads themselves? For now i suggest as a fix to leave the sound% at 100, except if you don't mind upping the volume now and then.

Future updates:


  • Fixed bug where ui isn’t created in non-subscribed video’s
  • Added opt-out &noblock url addition for subscribed channels, for people who don’t use filters for adblock.
  • Moved the UI straight under the video (temporarily)

Adfriend v0.75

  • Movie skip[number]: the amount of seconds before the movie advertisement is auto-skipped
  • sound%[number]: the % multiplier that gets applied to movie advertisements sound.
  • Banner skip[number]: the amount of seconds before the banner advertisements gets clicked away.
  • Opacity%[number]: the percentage multiplier that gets applied to the opacity settings of the banner.

Adfriend screenshot
Adfriend v0.70: Banner with countdowntimer clicks it away after 15s

Adfriend screenshot:
Adfriend v0.60: Added skip movie control + banner adv transparency
Adfriend v0.50: Earliest version: Automatically skips movie after 5s and reduces adv sounds.

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