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Version: 4.0.35+e2323ee updated

Summary: Filter for awesome anime trackers


License: MIT

Anime Lighter is a userscript filter for anime trackers. Use a friendly interface to clean up the anime listing.
See an anime you like on a tracker? Add it to your watch list.
Too many animes you don't care about? Add it to your drop list.

Have a comment, report, or tracker request? Post it here.

MOTD 2017.5.15: Putting the project on hold for a bit. Waiting for Kitsu to solidify it's API & anime info. I can't find many anime from HS on Kitsu

Current Tasks:
● Redo using WebExtensions. This adds cross browser syncing & compatability to more browsers without the need for additional add-ons (Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey, etc.)
● Hummingbird just had a major update & is now Kitsu. Need to fix my API to work with it

Recent Changes:
[5.0.00] Ported over to WebExtensions
[4.0.35] Added a hidden import/export feature
[4.0.34] Inlined CSS into React components
[4.0.33] Fixed Anime Lighter loading too fast
[4.0.32] Switched from embeded images to fonts
[4.0.31] Added bookmark feature
[4.0.30] Fixed a bug where the filter would not update the styling of same anime
[4.0.29] Fixed a crash in host HorribleSubs when an episode title doesn't have a link
[4.0.28] No longer relying on injection of code (legacy)
[4.0.27] Fixed the refresh bug in the host HorribleSubs
[4.0.25] Fixed crash when clicking on "Show more" in host HorribleSubs
[4.0.24] Fixed the creation of new filters
[4.0.23] Fixed an infinite call to Storage.getItem()
[4.0.22] Fixed the "manual slug" box not refreshing
[4.0.21] Rewrote Anime Lighter using React

● **Everything** is broken! Come back in a while

Context Menu

● Right click on an episode to open the custom context menu
● Context menu will perform a Hummingbird search and let you choose the filter to apply
● Filters are restylable through the main panel
● Currently only supports horriblesubs.info

How to Use:
● When on a supported site, right click on an episode to open the custom context menu.
From here, you must bind the anime title to a slug

● A slug is an ID used by Hummingbird. You can find this by the last part of the URL in Hummingbird.
Ex: The slug for Fate/stay night is fate-stay-night (last part of the URL)

● If you choose the wrong anime, simply clear the slug text box and hit enter

● After you set the anime's slug, you can choose which filter to apply

● The default filters are Watch, Meh, & Drop. You can rename, delete, or add more filters from the main panel

● When you add an anime to a filter, the slug is whats filtered. When multiple entries have a different title for the same anime, Anime Lighter will now treat all of them as the same anime

● You can customize the style that is applied to the episode list

● By holding the Ctrl key, you can right click on episodes normally (bypassing Anime Lighter)

● If you need to transfer settings between computers, you can open the console and use:

document.HAL.export(); // dump the Anime Lighter data to the screen

document.HAL.import(); // create a text box where you can import that data

Main Panel

Supported Websites:
● HorribleSubs
● Nyaa (the soon-future™ maybe!)
Make a request for any other sites (like Crunchyroll / other torrent site)

Future Plans:
● Switch from React to a custom solution
● Option to preload & cache Hummingbird data for entries on your screen
● Draggable bookmark
● Optimize to make it not take a bunch of CPU time (I estimate 95% less usage)
● Connect to your Google Drive(?) so anime list is synced across PCs & torrent sites
● Optional Chrome extension to sync across your account?
● Undo UI that appears for a moment after performing an action
● Intergration with your Hummingbird.me account, so it can auto-download your lists


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