Newt300 / HTML5 Video Playback Speed Control Keyboard Shortcut International


Version: 1.0.1+7591f07 updated

Summary: Add keyboard shortcuts to decrease (CTRL+,), increase (CTRL+.), and reset (CTRL+;) HTML5 video playback rate. Available playback speeds are between 0.25 to 2.0 inclusive in 0.25 increments. Speed of 1.0 is used when resetting playback speed. Note: the video playback speed menu selection on YouTube will not be affected.

Copyright: 2018, Newt300 (

License: MIT

Описание (рус)

Ускорение/замедление HTML видео.
Актуально при просмотре проходнякового аниме шлака.
Official chrome extintion

Комбинация клавиш действие
(Ctrl + Ю) или (Ctrl + >) или (Ctrl + .) +0.25 к скорости
(Ctrl + Б) или (Ctrl + <) или (Ctrl + ,) -0.25 к скорости
(Ctrl + Ж) или (Ctrl + :) или (Ctrl + ;) сброс скорости до 1

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