John_Doe / SIM Undergrad Student Timetable iCal Generator


Version: 1.0+b314d0d updated

Summary: Adds a "Download iCalendar .ics" button to SIMConnect timetable list view.

License: MIT;

Libraries Used

[DEPRECATED] Mobile Calendar function has since been added into SIMConnect. Source code will be left here for posterity.



  • Adds a "Download iCalendar .ics" button to SIMConnect timetable List View (Classes).
  • Parses list view tables for event information, and generates a iCalendar .ics file.
  • iCalendar .ics file can be imported/synced into a phone/tablet device/calendar manager which supports the iCalendar format.
  • Component and sections are stored in event description.


  • Browse to SIMConnect timetable. Switch from week view to List View (Classes) if necessary.
  • To import into iOS, attach .ics file to a mail. Open mail and attached .ics on iOS, select "Add All" at top right corner to add events to existing or new calendar.
  • To import into Android, you can use iCal Import/Export CalDAV or similar Android apps that support the iCalendar format.
  • To import into Google Calendar, refer to the instructions here.
  • To import into Outlook/Office365 Calendar, refer to the instructions here.
  • Re-download timetable if you have added/dropped modules or changes were made to your course/timetable.

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  • The MIT License (MIT)

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