JoeSimmons / YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

I notice that this "script" was published and shared on April of 2014 and last updated on June of the same year (2014).

Is this tools dead, not maintained anymore or etc...?

Is there a fix for the Issues that I am experiencing? (if you keep reading all)

If it is so, not maintained, then no need for further reading, as this issue will not be guaranteed to be resolved.

I tried different scenarios*, and by enabling this "user script", it end up being very annoying and damaging, same as an ineffective experience.

Here are the problems I am experiencing:

1- It does not show any "real" buffering, as the length indicator while being play or not on the video is not greyed (video buffer progress).

2 - Video on is not on play (but stopped or paused), and still, you can listen the audio as it were being play (while clearly, the video is in pause).

3 - It force a youtube and or flash downloader(s) plugin(s)/add-on(s)/extension(s) to be activated and run w/o your consent.

In several cases you can see the windows "task manager" with a large amount of "ffmpeg" instances running, such as around 10, 15, and etc, depending on the amount of "animations" that are in the content of a web page that you are visiting/displaying, as if there were activated to play or being converted. it does not happen with Microsoft "silverlight" media content.

4 - As per the force of media auto-activation, it end up crashing the browser (Firefox), the Windows "explorer" or to slowing down very much the system, due the high consumption of resources, as this "player/convertor" (ffmpeg) number of instance(s) process(es) cannot being stop or kill from use; and you have to restart the whole system as by Signing/login out then Signing/login in, it will not kill this process(es) neither.

*: I tried by isolating each and every browser "extension(s)/script(s)", leaving only this one and you notice the issue #2, when it is used in conjunction with a YouTube/flash media downloader, you notice the issue #3 and #4.