Gregorius / Youtube key shortcuts FIX


Version: 1.1.1+279d976 updated

Summary: Fix player controls Space, Left, Right, Up, Down to behave consistently after page load or clicking individual controls. Not focusing the mute button anymore.




Copyright: 2018, Greg Herendi (

License: MIT

Youtube player controls will work consistently when player is focused:

  • Left / Right (5sec backwards / forwards), Up / Down (volume up / down), Home (restart video), End (skip to end)
  • 0-9 (jump to 0%-90%), C (switch closed captions/subtitles), +/- (change cc font size): unaffected

Player is focused right after pageload, no need to click in player frame:

  • Click outside player frame to get standard page controls: Up, Down, Left, Right (scroll)
  • Press Esc to focus player, Shift-Esc to cycle search box, video list, like buttons / comments.
  • Space pauses video on the whole webpage except textboxes.

Global shortcuts, changed:

  • Esc (exit fullscreen): additionally focuses player when not in fullscreen
  • Space (play/pause): works on whole page, not only when player is focused

Global shortcuts, unaffected:

  • F (fullscreen), M (mute)
  • K (play/pause)
  • J / L (10sec backwards / forwards)
  • , (previous frame), . (next frame)
  • Shift-, (speed -0.25), Shift-. (speed +0.25)
  • Shift-N (next video), Shift-P (previous video)
  • / (focus searchfield, only in classic ui)
  • ENTER (push the focused button)

Fixes the following awkward behaviour of Youtube player controls after clicking them (making the individual control focused):

  • after clicking the mute button Space toggles mute instead of pausing
  • after clicking the progressbar Up/Down will jump 10 sec in the video instead of changing the volume
  • after clicking the volume slider Left/Right will change the volume instead of jumping the video.
  • after clicking subtitle button Space will toggle subtitles
  • after clicking settings button Space will toggle settings
  • after clicking fullscreen button Space will toggle fullscreen

Sources of Youtube shortcut behaviour:
2010: flash player?

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