Dexmaster / Custom Feedly Styles (+ Always Show Left Menu)

Hi Dexmaster,

Firstly I just need to say thanks as always for your CFS script, I really enjoy how it makes my Feedly look. I am still struggling to tweak something perfectly for my liking and was wondering if you could give me any tips:

  1. I want to get rid of the whitespace under the Saved for Later

Showing white space above Add Content

I thought I'd share what I currently use in my_css to make my experience better, I'm not sure it is all perfect how I've done it but it works for me, I just prefer having all these options which I have figured out to make the UI a lot cleaner :

Remove "Visit Website" button on bottom of each article
.websiteCallForAction{display:none !important}

Keep Font same for read/unread to avoid UI glitch when changing
.title.unread {font-weight: 300 !important}

Remove unread (top of screen)
.categoryUnreadCountHint{display:none !important}

Remove Feedname/Unread/Hide in each article
.metadata{display: none}

Remove Profile/Upgrade button
#fixedProfile {display:none !important}

Remove xx Reviewed at bottom of list (not needed if using Dex mark_all_fix)
#bigMarkAllAsReadStats {display:none !important}

Remove search box
#searchBoxPlaceholder {display:none !important}

Remove "End of feed"
#fullyLoadedFollowing {display:none !important}

Remove the sharing stuff at bottom of articles
.shareHolder {display:none !important}

Remove xx more sources at bottom of feeds list
.moreHandle {display:none !important}

Change Add Content style
.secondaryPanelButton {border: 0px!important; font-size:12px!important; margin-bottom:0px !important; margin-top:0px !important; margin-left:0px !important; padding-left:34px !important; text-align:left !important}