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Version: 1.3+f2a7d8c updated

Summary: A script to add a nifty little button to download Eroshare albums.

Copyright: 2017, CryonicWraith

License: MIT;

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Warning, this script is for adult sites. Please do not use unless you are over the age of majority in your area.

This is a script originally designed by Aaesos, and will be continued by myself. It is a simple script that adds a convenient download button to all Eroshare pages.

Upon clicking the download button, it uses GM's cross-domain XML Requests to download the images, and videos, and package it all into a zip . This all happens asynchronously, so you can continue to work. Just make sure not to close the page.


  • WIP - Create a visible progress bar.
  • Create a warning if you try to leave, or close the page, before the zip is finished.
  • Create a way to download individual posts.

Change Log


  • Changed the libraries to ones hosted by CDNjs. I was using too many libraries, and was causing 429 errors... Whoops.


  • Removed the unnecessary GM_getResourceText grant. (I don't know why it was even there in the first place.)


  • Added a rough progress display. Seems to have async problems when showing percentage for videos.
  • Replaced hard-coded debug messages with variable ones.
  • Switched all @require scripts to versions hosted on OpenUserJS. Much better than using Bitbucket just for script hosting.


  • Initial release. No bugs so far. ^_^

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