Crazycatz00 / E[-X]Hentai Helper


Version: 2.2.3+5d98d29

Summary: Auto transfer fjords; Inter-site links; Sad Panda login; etc.

License: MIT;

This script is made to improve navigation of the E-Hentai site family. Particularly, it features:

  • Inter-site links
    • Link on EH to EX
    • Link on G.EH to EX
    • Link on EX to G.EH (if not automatically transferred; e.g. fjord)
  • Automatically redirect fjord galleries on G.EH to EX
  • A simple log-in forum on the sad panda page
    • Old method of username+pass has been changed to copying+pasting cookies. The script will guide you.
  • Attempt to fix failed images in the viewer
    • This is newer, so not as tested as the rest
    • Does not trigger on slow images, only images that completely fail

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