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Version: 2.1.1+5844167 updated

Summary: Auto login, auto coin click, displays all available store-games on frontpage

License: MIT

A script to ease use of


Auto login

if you are not logged in when visiting the script will open the login field and wait until the reCaptcha is completed, then it will finish the login. This works best if you have something that autofills your login forms for you.

Auto coin clicking

Simply waits until you're logged in, then clicks the coin giving you your daily free coins.

Display coin-store on frontpage

Pulls the available coin-store games (any not sold out and still active) to the frontpage right below the buy-mark for todays deal.

2 limitations from the usual coin store:

  • It cannot see if you have purchased a title already.

  • You cannot buy games through this front-store that it creates, you still have to go the coin store if you want to purchase a game.

Other things I have made

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Universal Automatic Currency Converter: for Firefox (pc and mobile) and for Chrome bot: Github repository


2.1.1 - Displays apple support correctly now (their backend intermix 'mac' and 'osx' but they only use 'osx' on the frontend)

2.1.0 - Added title to frontpage coin store

2.0.1 - Fixed timers to act much faster when appropriate

2.0.0 - Modernized code and corrected to fit new website

1.0.0 - Initial release

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